Welcome to my Wayfinder website, dedicated to helping you find your true self and the vision and courage to live your dreams. Treat this site like a wayside rest stop, because that’s what it is: a place to kick back, refresh and re-inspire, adjust your GPS, and get back on the road again. Your road!

Here you’ll find tools and trips both inner and outer—from meditations, coaching, and “Wayside Webinars” to a variety of publications and power journeys. Regardless of your vehicle or outer destination, your inner journey will lead you to the most priceless treasure of all: the radiant, eternal truth of who you are. Once you realize that truth, your dreams will come easily, and your life will be a celebration.

Come with me. Let me take you to the edge of who you think you are . . . and beyond, to who you really are.

Blessings and Love,